How I Got Started with Matched Betting

Hello and Thankyou for visiting my blog where I am teaching people in the UK how to use matched betting for some additional income.

In early 2016 I was working at a place that drove me bonkers. The managers were useless and almost everyone in the office was stressed as a result. I wanted to get out but it wasn’t as easy as all that. I needed a set amount of money in order to make rent, pay for food and all those bills that add up each and every month. I had kids so just walking out wasn’t an option. I sat in the pub one lunchtime searching on my phone for ways I could makes some extra money before I stumbled completely by accident onto matched betting.


I do not to this day know how I had found it. I was on my second beer when I found a site called Simply How ( which was reviewing profit accumulator guide that shows how to make profit using matched betting. The best thing was I could do it from home in my own time and it wouldn’t even take that long. It seemed simple enough even after a couple of pints. All you need to do is to earn the free bet by placing bets on all outcomes of a game using more than one bookie. Then you use the free bet to make your profit.

That evening I went back to the site to look at more detail. It turns out that it was right and not only that but I could earn several hundreds of pounds per month doing so all from my own sofa on my own laptop. Suddenly an opportunity cropped up. What if I found a new job and did this on the side? I could take a lower paid job that was a lot less stressful; you know something that just pays the bills and allows me more time to do what I want to do. Then I use that extra time to work on matched betting and make the extra all tax free.

I often say that the first pint or two solves all your problems but sadly it usually moves onto the third and fourth which make you forget the solution you had come up with. Fortunately on this day I only had two and I came up with a solution that allowed me to leave my job.

I started that evening and by the time I actually found a new job I had already built up £500 in my savings account which made it easier to leave without much stress.

The important thing to remember from this is that sometimes the answers are out there you just need to look for them. Sometimes they are even after a couple of pints so go to the pub, have a beer and see how your problems suddenly unravel. I started matched betting 6 months ago and am in the thousands of pounds in profit. I am enjoying my new job with less pressures; life couldn’t be better. I implore you to do the same for the sake of you, your health and your family.

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