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Hello and Thankyou for visiting my blog, where I hope my parent experience of being a single dad as well as the activities and toys I review come’s in useful.

Many parents I find have taken up on the digital age where their children, even at a young age have given them their own games console, PC or even a IPad and Mobile Phone. The world has gone technology crazy, with many kids walking out of their school at the end of the day, already playing the latest game on their phone or tablet. I can unstand the mobile phone from a safety aspect, where you wish to know where your children are but as a toy, I find it a little crazy.

This is why I have created this blog, to educate parent’ from all over the internet on the superb range of indoor and outdoor toys for children that do not reply on technology for the most part, although electronics not fully rulled out.

Petrol RC Cars

remote control cars

The first outdoor toy I had when I was a kid was a remote control car, and I absolutely loved it. Thesedays, they are alot more sophisticated from self build electric rc cars, to Petrol RC Cars at SimplyRC, that use the same fuel as our family car’s we drive our children around in. Find a range of  rc review’s through out this site, on the rc vehicles my children have and still have and love.

Doll’s Houses

WoodenPlayhousesatMadfunNot just for girls to be honest, many young lad’s also have a Doll’s House when they are younger, with many kids in the UK building their own wendy house out of their parent’s dining room chair’s and a few blankets. On SmithKramer.com you will find some superb Dolls Houses that are good fun and very high quality. Check out my dolls house category for some very informative articles.



A Huge! popular toy in the UK, can be quiet expenstive but let’s children’s imagination run wild with the infinate amount of models’s they can build, letting their only limit be their imagination itself and.. well.. bricks, although I am sure if your children have lego they have an awful amount of bricks?



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