Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares-Art by Latino Artists

Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares-Art by Latino Artists
Curated by Sylvia Nissley

This unique exhibition features original illustrations from bilingual Latino folk tales published in children’s picture books.  Ten talented, award-winning artists focus their lively imaginations, distinctive styles and colorful palettes to bring the stories alive.  The illustrations enhance stories collected from many Spanish-speaking regions including Mexico, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central and South America.

Folk tale literature encompasses magic and symbolism revealed in stories of saints, gods and goddesses, origins of creation, wiley tricksters and the bogeyman.  The stories began as songs and oral stories with endless variations.  The Spanish language is common to these stories but the roots of the tales can be traced back through centuries to Persia, India and China. Cinderella, for example, was first recorded in China about 850AD. This tale transcends cultural boundaries and was brought to the New World by Spanish settlers.  Artists Gloria and Lucia Perez illustrate Little Gold Star, their version of Cinderella.

Lulu Delacre, a leading Latina artist and writer did extensive research to compile Golden Tales, a collection of Zapotec and Aztec stories from Mexico and Taino legends from the Caribbean Islands (when Columbus arrived the Taino were countless).  Delacre’s paintings resound with the spirit of the native peoples and ancient motifs. 

The exhibition will feature artists Maya Gonzalez, Leovigildo Martinez, Felipe Davalos, Beatriz Vidal, Honorio Robledo, Esau Andrade Valencia, Amy Cordova, Susan Guevara, and Raul Colon.  Their story telling art can be seen in The First Tortilla, Juan and the Jackalope, The Bossy Gallito, Sugar Cane Rapunzel, How the Rainbow was Made and dozens of other stories featured in this exhibition- a kaleidoscope of Latino folk tales.

Contents: Approximately sixty original works and bilingual text
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Esau Andrade Valencia
A Perfect Season for Dreaming – Un tiempo Perfecto Para