Memories of World War II

Memories of World War II
Photographs from the Archives of The Associated Press

Almost two hundred reporters and photographers fanned out around the globe to cover World War II for The Associated Press, the world's largest news service. Five reporters lost their lives. Seven others won Pulitzer Prizes, including Joe Rosenthal, who clambered up Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi to take the flag-raising photo that became the emblem of American victory and one of the most famous photos of all time. As the main source of war news for most of the nation's newspapers, The AP offered Americans a daily view of the conflict through photographs by its own photographers and by photographers in the U.S. Armed Services, as well as images from the world press that otherwise would not have been seen. The best of these images make up this exhibition.

Chuck Zoeller, director of The AP Photo Library and curator of the exhibit, says the images were culled from tens of thousands of pictures in The AP Archives, including material from AP photo files in Europe and Asia that had not been seen since the war. ''Our objective was to bring back for the reader the immense scope as well as the individual tragedy and challenge of World War II. We wanted to create a photographic record that allows a younger generation to better understand the sacrifices made by men, women and children in all the nations touched by the conflict...'' says Zoeller.

Contents: One hundred and twenty-six black and white framed photographic reproductions from the archives of The Associated Press
Space Req:
350-400 linear feet

NAZIS MARCH IN NUREMBERG, p. 15, AP Archives, Nuremberg, Germany, September 11, 1938GERMAN SCHOOLCHILDREN IN GASMASKS, p. 16, AP Archives, Berlin, late August 1939PEARL HARBOR SHAW EXPLODES, p. 39, U.S. Navy/AP Archives, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941

MT. SURIBACHI FLAG RAISING, p. 124, Joe Rosenthal, AP Staff/AP Archives, Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, February 23, 1945SAILOR AND NURSE KISS TIMES SQUARE, p. 171, Victor Jorgensen, U.S. Navy/AP Archives, New York City, August 14, 1945LONDON UNDERGROUND SHELTER, p. 24, AP Staff/AP Archives, London, October 21, 1940


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Tom Fitzsimmons, VE Crowd, Times Square,
May 7, 1945